1.The Blind Alley (1966)

A collection of short stories, including:

The title story

Enrolment Day



Convelesance (The Czeck Translation appeared in Novy Orient 7/71)



The Heat

Two Women

The Dogs







2.Bibi Khanom’s Starling (1968)

A collection of short stories, including:

The title story

Brother’s Future Family (Translated by M. Beard in the Chicago Anthology/ Stories from Iran. Also translated by J. E. Knörzer under the title Big Brother’s Future In-Laws. Read R.Friend and J. Green’s articles.)

Ya’ghoub the Subtle

The Russet Cockroach


Rain and Lonelyness (The German translation: Regen und Einsamkeit in Die Beiden Ehemänner, Prosa aus Iran, Rütten & Loening, Berlin)

My Grand Father is ...(Translated by J. E. Knörzer in Suri & Co.)

Counting the Chicks Before they are Hatched

Party(See Suri & Co.)

The Smell of Lemon Peel; the Smell of Fresh Milk (Translated by H. Moayyad in the Chicago Anthology / Stories from Iran)






3.After the Last Day (1969)

A collection of short stories, including:

After the Last Day (Translated by J. Green: Stories by Iranian Women/Heinemann)

Women’s Mourning Ceremony (See Suri & Co.)

Agha Soltan from Kermanshah

The End of Passion Play (Translated by M. Southgate: Modern Persian Short Stories/Three Continents Press)

The Christening of Simin’s Baby (See Suri & Co.)

The Mist of the Vally, the Dust of the Raod

Interview (See Suri & Co.)

Here and Now (Translated by R. Monajem/Iran Peyvand’s Litrerature.)



1st edition                   2nd edition                          3rd edition





4.First Person Singular (1970)

A collection of short stories, including:

Labyrinth (Translated by Micheal Beard under the title of: The String of Beads / Edebiyât / vol.III No.1 / 1978.)

Payton Place (See Stories by Iranian Women/Heinemann/ also Suri & Co.)

Last Name…, First Name…, No. of Birth Certificate…

Paykan Place (See Suri & Co.)

The Sun Under Grand Dad’s Pelisse


به صیغه اول شخص مفرد





5.An Anthology of Short Stories (1972)



1st edition                                                   2nd edition





6.At Home (1987)

A Novel of Iran’s Revolution [Persian Title: Dar Hazar.The original text & the English translation available on this site.]


At Home gives a panoramic view of the Islamic revolution in Iran covering a span of one year: starting from what became known as "black Friday" up to hostage taking in the American embassy in Tehran. The factual and chronological accuracy of the events is masterfully enveloped in the hustle and hubbub of every day life in that city. One sees the happenings with the sharp critical eyes of the narrator, a woman writer, and practically lives among her circle of friends and acquaintances through out the novel. The pages of this book palpitate with the excitement, urgency and the awesomeness of the revolution. At Home has been highly praised by public and critics alike.




1st edition                   2nd edition                          3rd edition                          4th edition





7.Away (1995)

A novel about Iranians in Exile [Persian Title: Dar Safar. Text available on this site]


Away is indeed a photo album of some Iranian exiles, (immigrants, travellers, business men…) and a few non-Iranians, who linger in the memory of the narrator “as overlapped figures in a kaleidoscope”.  All the characters are portrayed with the briefest pen-strokes of the author, and come to life vividly, three dimensional and familiar. Oftener than not the melancholy caused by nostalgia is wiped out with loud laughter created by some humorous remark or situation. Away is about homesickness but written with a unique wit which makes the whole work hilariously funny.



1st edition                                   2nd edition         





8.Short Stories (1998)

including:The 4 previous collections & The Tune of the Lonely Bird and Maryam’s Messiah






9.Abbass Khan’s Wedding (1998)

Book One of a quartet called: Mothers and Daughters



1st edition                                   2nd edition





10.Dadeh Good Omen (1999)

Book Two of Mothers and Daughters



1st edition                                   2nd edition





11. Miscellaneous (2000)

[Persian Title: Hezaar Bishe. Text availalable on this site] An anthology of Views, Reviews and Interviews in Persian, English and French






12.Shahrbanoo’s Honey Moon (2001)

Book Three of Mothers and Daughters



1st edition                                   2nd edition





13. CD

Short Stories Read by the Author






15. Persian Fables for Our Time (2010)








Mehr- Olia’s Reminiscences is the forth and final volume of the Mothers and Daughters saga.  As the title suggests this book is all about Oli, (as Mehr- Olia is called by her entourage), an old woman with a long and eventful past full of dreams, ideas, joys, sorrows, hopes and despairs. She recalls her childhood friends, the way of life back home, her love, her birthplace that she has been forced to leave about half a century ago. She talks about her family around her, life in exile and the city where she has spent over fifty years of her life.

Those familiar with previous volumes of the quartet are used to the delicacy and richness of the language and style of this oeuvre; however the critics are unanimous in saying that the prose of Mehr- Olia’s Reminiscences has surpassed the magnificence of the preceding volumes.